Half million lost in Bais budol-budol

A beauty shop owner in Bais City lost more than half a million pesos worth of jewelry in a “budol-budol” scheme.

Gina Remorosa, who hails from Cavite and resident of Bais City was so concerned about a mestiza-looking woman she just met, sought her help to accompany her to Tanjay to buy something for her house and was bringing lots of money, then another woman came into the picture to tell them she knows where to buy that material.

The victim Gina Remorosa was requested by the meztiza-looking woman to accompany her on board their vehicle. While inside the vehicle, the first suspect offered a lot of information about herself that she is rich, she has lots of money, and that she is planning to establish a foundation and she was offered to be the manager if she is honest. In the process, the victim also volunteered the information that she has lots of jewelry in the house.

When in Tanjay, they met the third suspect, who was bringing brochure about the supposed house material and the victim herself negotiated for the amount.

In an interview, the victim said she felt being hypnotized that she was in a hurry to go home to get her 24 pieces of jewelry and gave to the suspect.

Then the suspect requested the victim that payment of their order be made in their residence for security reasons and so one bundle of supposed huge amount of money placed in a bag with “kandado” was left to the victim, to find out later that only the top paper bill is genuine while the rest are all cut papers.

The suspects who included the mestiza-looking lady, an elderly woman, a lesbian (tomboy), the man bringing the brochure and a lookout, could nowhere to be found.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Special Investigator Agent Coco Lastimoso again said that “if its too good to be true, most likely, its not true.”

She said this is third complaint of budol-budol of the same modus operandi received from Bais City since last year.

The modus operandi is in the form of enticement in exchange for money.

But in this case, SI Lastimoso said it was unusual for the victim to go home to get her jewelry then turned over to the suspects.

The fact that the victim rode on the vehicle of strangers is already against her personal safety.

The NBI investigator does not believe the victim was hypnotized because, she had the chance to get out of the vehile to get her jewelry.

The victim reasoned out, she cant understand the smell of the suspect’s perfume that even when she entered her house it stuck to her nose.

In fact, did not mind her mother-in-law who ask her to take her meals first, went directly to her room and get the jewelry.jrg