Hotels, malls need first responders in night emergencies

Hotels and malls need first responders during emergencies, especially in night situations from 6pm to 6am for those who might need such emergency assistance especially among tourists and visitors.

However, some businessmen are lukewarm to the proposed ordinance requiring all hotels and malls to have standby medical teams as it will increase the cost of doing business in the city and may even be counterproductive.

However the Dumaguete Press Club commented that this proposed measure is relevant for Dumaguete being cited as among the best place in the world to retire. A compromise is possible, that volunteers from the Red Cross who are well trained may be requested by the City Council and assigned ( in threes) at its headquarters from 6pm to 6am, to respond to such emergencies after all the Red Cross has also an ambulance.

The Red Cross board is willing to discuss the proposal with the council proponents.

A formal communication may be in order, thru the Red Cross administrator.

A MOU for a modest incentive may be in order from among malls and hotels to compliment this Red Cross service instead of malls and hotels providing it themselves.

Proposed by Councilors Jose Victor Imbo and Estanislao Alviola the ordinance would make the availability of a medical team in a particular hotel and mall a requirement before a business permit will be issued. But not all hotels can afford so this Red Cross volunteer service on-call from 6pm to 6 am could be in order.

However, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that they are proposing that instead of a medical team on standby in each mall and hotel, it would be prudent to train the front desk staff what to do or not do during emergency.

But front desk people go on rotation and not all are effectively trained. It could only defeat the purpose.

The presence of a first responder among the hotel staff would suffice provided that the first thing that must be done as part of protocol is to promptly call for ambulance or rescue team.The Red Cross volunteer team could be the right answer for such need.

In response, the city council proponents are asking the Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Negros Oriental Hotel and Restaurant Association to and even the Red Cross submit a position paper so that another round of consultation could be made.

For now, the measure remains pending in the City Council. The city has been cited as the best place to retire in the country, with the growing number of tourists and retirees, their medical needs and well-being becomes the top priority.