House helps also need fair retirement plans

A member of the business community in Dumaguete City has enjoined employers to enrole their kasambahays with the Social Security System (SSS) so that when they retire they will have something to lean on.

Engr. Greg Uymatiao made the statetment, aware of the fact that househelps receive meager salaries.

A minimum pension for househelpers is P2,200 or 3,400 maximum if membership is 20 years, Uymatiao said.

Likewise, Uymatiao encourages homepartners of the Habitat Housing Project to become members of the SSS, so when they reach 60 years old, they will receive pension though small.

The businessman said while the SSS is so strict when it comes to the private sector, the government should also include job orders for membership in the Government Service Insurance Systyem (GSIS). He said the amount involved is not that big.

Meanwhile, employers are obliged to report to the SSS the list of their employees with the corresponding SSS contributions one month after the date they are hired.

Failure of employers to report will make them liable for damages.

SSS Branch Manager Elisa Llavan has encouraged everybody to be members of the SSS, the main purpose of which is poverty reduction. “We want to help the government in the economic development of the community. We want every member of society to be beneficiaries in times of need like sickness, maternity, funeral service to defray funeral expenses and we want them to be retiree pensioners in the future, so they will not be dependent with anybody.

She said under the program “Contribution Sulit na Sulit,” for only a single contribution which is P330, membership is already lifetime, it doesn’t expire.

Llavan said even with one contribution, the family of a dead member will receive P20,000 funeral service plus P12,000 death benefit.jrg