How to achieve true happiness in life


Everyone, while still strong and healthy, tries to attain a state of real happiness in this world. Well, the achievement of real happiness in this stressful world would really depend on one’s attitude, up-bringing and motivation.

Authorities, like the social scientists have listed some simple rules or factors that are needed in the attainment of true happiness in life as proven in their studies.

  • Live a simple life. Be temperate in your habits. Avoid self-seeking and selfishness. Make simplicity the key note of your daily plans. Simple things are best achieved.
  • Spend less than what you earn. It may be difficult, but it pays large dividends in contentment. Keep out of debts. Cultivate frugality, prudence, and self-denial. Avoid extravagance.
  • Think constructively. Train yourself to think clearly and accurately. Store your mind with useful thoughts.
  • Be grateful. Begin the day with gratitude for your opportunities. Be glad for the privileges of life and work.
  • Rule your moods. Cultivate a mental attitude of peace and good will.
  • Give generously. There is no greater joy in life than to render happiness to others by means of intelligent giving.
  • Work with right motives. The highest purpose of your life should be to grow in spiritual grace and power (Interior life).
  • Be interested in others. Divert your mind from self-centeredness. In the degree that you give, serve, and help you will experience the by-product of happiness.
  • Live one day at a time. Concentrate on your immediate task. Make the most of today.
  • Always thank God for all your blessings in life!