How to reduce stress in our life


It cannot be denied that there are people who are always affected by various stresses in life. They often complain of constant headaches, stomach discomfort, irritability, poor appetite, depression, insomnia, etc. This usually happens in the family circle when the wife, for instance always nags the husband because of too much jealousy over his secretary in his office; problems with their growing children; conflicts with some of their stubborn workers in the office; and with their belligerent neighbors who are very inconsiderate with their loud videoke done nightly.

There are so many enumerable problems in our modern society which are so difficult to resolve.

Counselors suggest ways to help reduce stress:

  • Give your body sufficient rest each day.
  • Maintain a reasonable diet and take some anti-stress vitamins and minerals.
  • Engage in proper and regular exercise like brisk walking.
  • If something worries you, talk to a level-headed friend about it.
  • Spend more time enjoying with your family.
  • Delegate or share household chores.
  • Know your own physical and emotional limitations.
  • Be moderate in your activities. Don’t be a workaholic.
  • Set realistic goals; don’t be a perfectionist!
  • Be organized in your work and have a balanced, reasonable schedule.
  • Cultivate Christian qualities such as mildness and patience.
  • Set aside a time for yourself. Take a relaxing vacation.
  • See a good counselor or an experienced psychiatrist to help you stop or resolve conflicts!
  • Pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment, and a wholesome peaceful life.