Income from taxes Fund big infra-works

Laborers and engineers reinforce tons of cement and coarse gravel to build a sturdy foundation for Pantawan 2 which will be bigger than its counterpart at the north end of the Rizal Boulevard. Pantawan II located in front of the Dumaguete Press Club building will offer a larger space for sports and recreation while serving as shoreline protection to insulate several commercial buildings and residences from big waves or storm surges. Gravel supply is free from the Dumaguete portion of Okoy River.

The city administration and legislators commended the concerted efforts led by the City Treasury to aggressively and accurately collect taxes and fees generated by the local businesses and entrepreneurs to fund the next year’s annual budget of P790 million.

This is the biggest budget increase in the history of the city with the big bulk coming not from the Internal Revenue Allotment but from local revenue sources.

Councilor Alan Cordova observed that from P689 million in 2017 the proposed 2019 budget is P 790 million, representing an increase of P 101 million becoming the biggest budget ever for the city government.

What is more laudable is that the bulk of the increase comes not from the IRA amounting to P 43 million but from the local taxes and fees pegged at P 58 million.

In contrast, many LGUs are dependent on their share in the IRA but Dumaguete City is steadily growing its income not from IRA sources but from locally generated revenues.

City Treasurer Cristina Merced attributes the significant increase in the income to the aggressive tax collection and sound fiscal management of all responsible officials led by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, who practiced good housekeeping and ethical conduct in the service.

She vowed to double the efforts in revenue collection in order to fund the many projects pursued by Mayor Remollo that will benefit the people and guests of the city. For 2019 alone, Merced estimates P324 million revenues from local sources and business establishments.

City Planning and Development Coordinator Engr. Leonides Caro said that the booming local economy is fueled by the influx of tourists, location of Business Process Outsourcing, real estate and the optimism of the businessmen that their investments will return healthy profits.

There are now 7, 459 business establishments operating in the city in first half of 2018 up from just 7, 074 in 2016. This created 10, 102 local jobs from July 2017 to June 2018.

Just recently the city has been recognized as the Best Place to Retire by the Philippine Retirement Authority, 2nd Most Efficient City by the Department of Trade and Industry and one of the most peaceful with crime incidents effectively cut by almost 39% compared to last year.