Jail drugs down? HW crimes hit 130

The irony is:  illegal drug circulation from the provincial jail appeared to decrease, but suddenly the crimes during the Holy ‘Week proivncewide soared like anything according to the police.

While the drugs supply has apparently depleted in the provincial jail but the crimes committed during the Holy Week reached 130 across Negros Oriental.

In another surprise raid of the provincial jail, only one sachet of suspected shabu was confiscated from the cells of the Negros Oriental Detention and Rehabilitation Center, a major development considering that in previous raids significant amount of illegal drugs have been seized by the millions.

Or have the pushers made a more effective way of hiding the drugs from K9 drug sniffing dogs>? Or have the dogs not eaten a good meal prior to the raid?

It was Lenten last week, but despite the security preparations still some 130 various criminal acts were committed on the week that we are supposed to be in deep reflection and repentance.

The Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office said that from April 15, 2019 to April 21, 2019 some 130 crimes were committed such as theft, robbery, reckless driving, homicide, illegal drugs trade and other criminal acts in all 25 cities and municipalities.

Nevertheless, NOPPO declares the holy week commemoration as generally peaceful in Negros Oriental. Authorities advise citizens to remain vigilant at all times and to comply with the law so as to preserve the peace in the localities.

Meanwhile, the joint teams that implemented Oplan Greyhound that only found a sachet of suspected shabu at the provincial jail with hundreds of inmates reported instead several contrabands seized.

These include: drug paraphernalia, cigarettes, 41 units cellular phones and their accessories, cash, several bladed weapons and other contraband.

The latest Oplan Greyhound was carried out in the presence of Jail Warden Enrique Gonzales and two media personalities.