Jolo spillovers


Being located in the crossroads between Mindanao and the Visayas unto to the world via north,  east and west,  here in Dumaguete , there is always that dangerous possibility of  spillovers of the violence that is creeping the southern Mindanao borders.

While we believe in the big picture of the Bangsamoro Organic Law, that of appeasing  violent middle east expansionist countries , from creeping  into the Philippines, there is also that hard bullet to bite in facing the consequences of the BOL such as these bombings now.

We abhor a “huez de kutsilyo” scenario  of the infamous Suharto cleansing in Indonesia which might ensue with Duterte’s anger due to massive murders God forbid.  (Well, who started it anyway?)

First, the centuries-old  tribal war in Mindanao will surely be rekindled especially if certain tribes become displaced and become minorities.  They will always exert to show and make  their presence felt like those  bombings here and there.

Second, non-Muslim banditries and drug cartels will always take advantage by simulating sporadic bombings as if to exacerbate the situation, especially by those who hate the man like Duterte.

Admittedly though, only a Duterte can quell this kind of modern day rebellion in the Philippines today. With his term ending, we still need his kind  to handle this with enough political will and knowledge. We don’t need an arm-chair  ivory tower president now. We cannot afford it. 

For many, they  are looking at future leaders like  the kinds of non-tradpols  as Ping Lacson or Gringo Honasan (who are also battle tested and refine military generals)  so long as they so decide and have enough political will.  Otherwise, this country is in the verge of perdition to the left, the violent, and the crooks. Those ambitious swivel –chair senators who want to be president will not suffice  enough today  as  presidentiables.  We need a strongman. The present leadership  has not caused all these, he simply unearthed what has been buried deep  down  there for decades, oozing to explode as it has already exploded before  our very faces.