Lack of training, gadgets low pay for safety dads

The lack of proper training, equipment and just compensation are factors public safety officers of the barangay struggle with on a regular basis.

This statement was issued by Councilor Alan Gel Cordova during the closing ceremonies of the three-Sunday enhancement skills training seminar of barangay tanods of Bajumpandan over the weekend.

Cordova said if only the city has the money, he would recommend that barangay public safety officers be hired as regularly paid job orders employees.

Cordova believes their present honorarium of P1000 a month is not consistent with the administration’s belief that when it comes to safety, enforcement in the barangay level is very important.

He pointed out that the city should give premium importance and significance to the maintenance of peace and order because it means protection of lives and property. “Unta commensurate pod ang ilang madawat for the risks they face everyday including criminals especially when auxiliary teams are formed in the campaign against illegal drug,” said Cordova.  “It would be unfair for the tanods to be receiving an honorarium of P1,000 a month or less while we demand big from them,” he added.

However, the peace and order committee chairman said that compensation should not be in constantly in the minds of tanods.  He said that just because they (tanods) receive low honorarium, they will not do their tasks well. The tanods were challenged to be aggressive, to know the law as well as skills of self defense, threat assessment and disarming, characteristics of firearms, environmental protection, fire fighting, and first aid.

With the full support of the barangay council, 18 barangay tanods are each equipped with hand cuffs, radio transceivers, rain coats and boots, flashlights, and soon they will be issued one pair each of “batuta” courtesy of Councilor Eslao Alviola.

The peace and order committee of the barangay is chaired by Kag. Reu Daguia Ismil with members Kag. Felomino Solamillo, Kag. Noelito Ramirez, and Kag. Choy Gallarde.