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My mother said i was born lonely. Loneliness is different for everybody. Many single people don’t feel all that lonely. They like living alone and enjoy seeing their family and friends or going to work or helping at a volunteer organization.

According to studies, we feel the least lonesome during the middle part of our lifes. Teenagers and seniors feel the most lonely.

Coping with loneliness can be difficult depending on your personal situation. If you’re so lonely that it’s affecting your emotions, then finding a sport, volunteer group, job, or hobby is good. Not only can you learn new things, but you can also meet new people. A lot of times the danger for men is they will drink too much.

Sometimes going to church and meeting people is very helpful. What is important is for the lonely people to think positive about other people, to say and do positive uplifting things. If a lonely person feels awkward and uncomfortable and negative about people, the other people may distance themselves. Calvincalyost@aol.com