Magic of CCTV crime bustings

DINDO GENEROSO (2nd from left) once headed the Silliiman Alumni Association of Australia based in Sydney. He and his wife Nitz Lasola-Generoso are with Maxwell and Anne Ponteniella the outgoing SU alumni president of Sydney.All true blue Dumaguetenos.


Dumaguete City has just discovered a  new  experience in crime busting sensation by vir-tue of the combined magic of CCTV and social plus mainstream  media.

The assassination of veteran broadcaster and newspaper columnist Dindo Generoso has introduced this new partners  in crime busting  through the speed and accuracy of both the CCTV technology and the people who initiated the  social media mania.

In a matter of minutes if not seconds, police coverage from the actual murder to the rescue , the transport of the victim, to the tracer on the escape route of the suspects,  the recovery of the getaway vehicle and the identification of the suspects in record time of 24 hours,  —could not have been speedily done without the magic of CCTV and the active social and mainstream media.

The cost of P70-mllion for the CCTV’s network of 336 cameras in strategic location sourced  from taxpayers’ money was not only worth the investment, but the wisest decision ever made in the matter   of crime busting.

We were impressed with how the CCTV cameras helped the police trace the route of the suspects from the passing of the victim’s car at the boulevard, through the streets until the fatal attack in Piapi intersection,  then— the escape route and the splitting of the Strada and the tandem bike to the escape towards  Sta Catalina barrio, then to the Valencia abandoned lot in West Balabag —all in 48 hours was simply  impressive.

The speed by which social media also disseminated all information available up to the minute, plus the traditional media’s coverage of the attack, simply overwhelmed those who never thought this speed in crime busting could be achieved by  the three teams combined: the police, the CCTV, and the social and traditional media.

Although the suspects  triggerman and rich planner middelman—plus  their likely mastermind, if any — are still at large, the public already know their faces and what exactly happened in the murder of broadcaster Dindo Generoso.  The rest is now police work with the caveat from the provincial PNP director Col Entoma , that if this manhunt and prosecution fails, given all the facts,  PD Julian Entoma promised that heads will roll in his own department and police  jurisdiction. Already Entoma has staked his one month salary of P80k as bounty for the information of the killer’s whereabouts. Another P20,000 was added by the Dumaguete Press Radio and TV Club plus those  from contributions from small reporters—making the initial bounty of P100,000 for the killer and accomplices  in the murder of Broadcaster  Dindo Generoso.

Ergo: more CCTV cameras, hopefully and  speedily form the civic and private sectors, SHOULD BE INSTALLED  by the city government because one of the big lessons people learned from the Generoso murder is that  a  multi-million  expensive CCTV network  is worth the buy, the risk, and the convenience. This is without prejudice to the hiring of 400 more city policemen for the ever –growing city  Dumaguete.