Makabuang (Go crazy)


It is full time for all candidates to campaign and it is now in high gear.  You listen to the candidates and you will go crazy.  The truth of the matter is that all candidates are running for a public office, because of the emoluments in the office.  The salaries and all the benefits are tremendous so that every candidate think and believe he is going to win.  The voters are to be blamed for this, because no body will tell a candidate that he has no chance at all to win the election.  If you don’t have money you will not win.  Indeed it will be a miracle for a candidate to win an en election without spending any money.

Please do not vote for any candidate who is tainted with corruption.  If you are given money, receive it and vote for the honest candidate.  It is very easy to identify a corrupt candidate.  Find out how he became rich.  Some religious sectors are telling their members whom to vote for.  This is good if they are campaigning for honest and competent candidates.  Sovereignty resides in the people and all governmental authority emanates from them.  Now, is the time to exercise this sovereignty.  Elect good and honest candidates.  Do not be fooled by their propaganda.  Do not believe what you learn from the print and radio media, because they are paid propagandists and journalists.

The elected officials who will win in this election will just be reflection of the electorate who elected them.  So, we have ourselves to be blamed if corrupt officials will win.  The right of suffrage is a sacred right.  Please, do not sell your vote.  Do not allow other people to dictate or force you to vote for a certain candidate.  Vote for the person whom you believe to be a person with integrity.

In the ultimate analysis, all politicians are narcissistic, they love themselves, they live on the adulation of others that is why they are like a deflated balloon if they will lose in the election.  But, they will not stop from running for a public office because that is their form of addiction.