Manipulation: today’s mantra

Sangguniang Kabataan Federation of Dumaguete President Danni Tolentino (center) and Vice-President Renz Macion alongside chairpersons Dazzille Dayuday, Christine Oira, Ken Du, Bryan Panday, Honey Pis-an, Ghix Blanco, Daisy Alar, Henry Piñero, John Mark Catalan, Kenneth Catipay and Local Youth Development Officer Mr. Tigie James Tanilon.

I used to enjoy going to the market every weekend during my childhood days,  to assist my relatives where they have spent most of their lives for survival. Every day, the public market is filled with masses of people who have different agendas – may it be in business or merely just to acquire their daily necessities. Also, as a young, innocent and keen observant, it is the same setting where I have seen harsh realities.

To cite a particular scenario, a chaos started beside the stall where my aunt was situated. The vendor and the customer were loudly exchanging arguments. After asking my aunt what was going on, I found out that the vendor manipulated the weighing scale he used. Of course, the vigilant customer got really upset after weighing it again using the weighing scale outside the market. Ironically, instead of asking for an apology, the vendor went really angry, acting as if he was the victim of fraud and dishonesty, shamelessly forcing the customer to shut up.

This particular scenario from my past serves as a reminder of today’s mantra. Manipulation is the greatest enemy of vigilance for it is a disruptive mechanism that threatens our being, or in a worst case scenario, our democracy. Taking proactive undertakings to safeguard our own right is a necessity that we can never acquire in the market of deception. Let not anyone build dominance to block our vision from seeing that silver lining because they are only taking advantage of ignorance as one of the major pitfalls of modern democracy.

Most importantly, we must never forget. Cherish all lessons from the past because for all you know, they will certainly come in handy during these present times full of uncertainties. As millennials, cliché as it may sound, we should not just go with the flow for we will never go wrong with mustering enough courage to stand against every devilish deed.

Vigilance is our responsibility – for ourselves and for our country. (By Renz Macion – SK Federation Vice-President of Dumaguete)