Mike Braganza: Future icon in the theatre and performing arts

Fourteen years in New York’s Broadway and other international shows, erstwhile Outstanding Sillimanian awardee Miguel “Mike” Braganza (black shirt at center) who is New Yorkbased, could yet be Dumaguete’s future icon in the theater and performing arts. He has been commissioned by the city administration to revive Dumaguete’s glory days in theater arts BY recently organizing the Dumaguete Theater Company,Inc. among the local art-conscious leaders of the local theatre industry.

The Dumaguete Theatre Co. Inc., is composed of artconscious people of the city as directors. They are Jose Riodil Montebon, president,himself a leading actor in his college days; Maria Luz Cole-Havranek and Marietta Montebon for vice presidents; Jessie Lupisan, treasurer, Pristine Raymond, comptroller; Melanie Grace Doromal, comptroller; Luisa Bocanegra, auditor; Miguel Braganza II, artistic director emeritus; Mae Magdamo, resident production manager, and Oliver Sobere Yu, Ariel Ronato and Michael Angelo Alano,as directors.

Miguel Braganza, the choreographer of Song of Solomon Musical, is an outstanding Sillimanian awardee.Mike is the founder of Ballet Asia of New York City, has a degree in speech and theater arts from Silliman, and a certificate in dance from the Alvin Ailry American Dance Center in New York city. He is currently connected with the New York Metropolitan Opera House.

Mike Braganza is also forming the BROADWAY KIDS AND TEENS CLUB and a songdance scholarship program for the youth with the city and MEV Dance Studio. He is the choreographer of the pre-Broadway production of the musical “ SONG OF SOLOMON” that will open at the Luce Auditorium in November,15-18 2018 which will have its premier showing here in Dumaguete city at Silliman University’s Luce Auditorium.