Money can’t buy happiness


Anyone who says that money can’t buy happiness has never bought new carpeting or a new car, or seen the look on a child’s face on Christmas morning. The frustrating thing is that this kind of happiness is temporary. It always wears off. Desires once satisfied do not stay satisfied. That’s how our minds and emotions work.

Your soul, your spiritual nature, seeks contentment – satisfaction with what you have, whatever your situation might be. Contentment is a learned behavior, an acquired skill. It doesn’t just happen when you fall into the right set of circumstances. Contentment cannot be purchased. And that’s the best news, because it means that contentment is available to everyone, no matter what their financial situation might be.

Once you understand that fulfilling the desires of ego produces temporary satisfaction and fulfilling the desires of your spirit brings lasting satisfaction, you can stop hoping to find lasting contentment in a new sofa. You will quit looking to material things to produce the contentment your spirit seeks. You will instinctively know the difference between momentary pleasure and deep-seated contentment. Contentment has a way of quieting insatiable desires. – Mary Hunt

It’s been said that god gave us things to use sand people to enjoy. People without friends use people and enjoy things – Dale Evans Rogers

Character check

People are an eternal investment. If your possessions are consuming more of your time, thought, prayer, energy, and effort than people are, you’re living in the wrong world.