National ID is not mandatory


Getting a national identification card from the government in order to speed up confirmation of identity and government transactions is not mandatory, according to the new Natiional ID Act or RA 11055.

In order to make people understand, the oversight the committee on population and family relations conducted Tuesday a public hearing on the implementing rules of the National ID law RA11055, held at the Bethel Guest House.

It was among the rare occasions when Congress went down to the country sides to hear the sentiments of the people about a new law. Practically all stakeholders were represented such as:

The travelling public, the transacting sector with government, the academe, the businessmen, the professionals, government officials and emplyees, and all those who are interested to secure the national ID Card. (see editorial for details)

The authors of the national ID Law RAS 11055 are:

Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Deptuy speaker Prospero Pichay Jr, Ferdinand Hernandez, Arnolfo Teves ,Jr of Negros Oriental also the co-presiding officer; with REP Ma Lourdes AGabao, presiding.

The resource speakers included: Reps Manuel Sagarbarria, Rep Josy Limkaichong, Mayor Felipe Remollo, Bayawan Mayor Pryde Henry Teves.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo expressed his support to the national ID system that should preferably be valid for the next ten years (similar to passports).

Congressmen Arnie Teves, Manuel Sagarbarria and Josy Limkaichong fielded questions during the oversight hearing at Bethel Guest House along with other solons Prospero Pichay and Ma. Lourdes Aggabao.

Mayors, Vice-Mayors, Councilors and SK Chairpersons, including businessmen and representatives of Non-Government Organizations attended the hearing to be clarified of the features and provisions of the new law with the objective of improving government efficiency and ease of doing business.

The Philippine Statistics Authority with the technical assistance of the Department of Information and Communications Technology. To ensure widest coverage, PSA shall initiate mobile registrations to cater to citizens and residents in remote areas.

The technical working group TWG were:

Dr. Liza Grace S Bersales, civil registrar general; Edgar Fajutagana, asst natl statistician; Editha Orcilla, asst natl statistician; Lourdines dela Cruz, deputy natl statistician; Engr Eliseo Rio, Jr, actg sec of DEpt of Information and Communicatons Technology; Usec Dennis Villorente, DICT    and Ariel Fortuito, provincial PSA officer.Rey LIboro, chair national privacy commission.

It is hereby declared the policy of the State to establish a single  national identification system referred to as the “Philippine Identification System” or the “PhilSys” for all citizens and resident aliens of the Republic of the Philippines to promote seamless delivery of service, to improve the efficiency, transparency, and targeted delivery of public and social services, to enhance administrative governance, to reduce corruption and curtail bureaucratic red tape, to avert fraudulent transactions and misinterpretations, to strengthen financial inclusion, and to promote ease of doing business. Towards this end, a resilient digital system shall be deployed to secure the data collected and ensure that the people’s right to privacy, confidentiality and other basic rights are at all times upheld and protected.

It is also the declared policy of the State to recognize the indispensable role of the private sector as the main engine of national growth and development, and to provide the most appropriate incentives to mobilize privateer sources for the purpose of promoting the use and ensuring maximum efficiency of the PhilSys as envisioned in this Act.