NC turns 46

NC PRODUCTION STAFF THANKSGIVING FELLOWSHIP—TAKING A BREAK in beating our deadline schedules, the Production staff of the Negros Chronilce took time out in a simple fellowship lunch at home to mark this paper’s 46th Anniversary last June 12, as we Thanked the Lord for the blessings. LR: Macky, Jerico, Gerome, Mokong, Jenny, Ellen, Morris, David, Nathaniel, Fernando, Roland , Ely and Charlie.

Seems only like yesterday. Before we knew it we were pounding on the start of our 47th year edition as our 46 years of service to community journalism shall have gone by on Wednesday June 12.

We give thanks to Almighty God for giving us THE NEGROS CHRONICLE, this mission, vocation, and challenge to serve the community through public information.

We also thank our readers, advertisers and friends for keeping faith with us. The challenges are countless and the road to truthful and sensible public information is rough and tough with cyber technology seemingly trying to grow faster than traditional media.

Way back then, we could not even afford to ask for it from the Lord. We had no money no capital asset, we had no facilities, nobody would help us except Marlen and the Lord. Thus, we declare that everything was providential. It was not planned at all.

One day, at the height of Martial Law in 1972 when all media were closed nationwide by Marcos, there was this new decree which allowed the opening of new newspapers in the countryside.

Marcos was a media advocate. So long as media “towed the line” in advocating the new society of Marcos, we were good to go. So we applied, and the rest is history.

We branched out in l980 into the airlines and DYEM FM Bai Radio became the first FM station in Negros Oriental. We now have and unbelievable 16 FM (frequency modulated) and AM (Amplitude modulated) radio stations in Negros Oriental.

With all modesty, we now have our own printing plant, complete desk top publishing facilities, two heavy duty offset printing machines with color capabilities, we are on CTP processing, and circulating province wide, and admittedly a consistent sellout of our weekly editions. Without the Lord, how can this happen? We are nothing.

For decades we served the information needs of this community. And now after 46 years, the city has one more weekly paper serving , thanks to Congressman Sagarbarria who owns the Metro Post which has also been serving the local readership (V0L XX now) . We also have Bert Bravo’s Island News (Vol. IV) and Geovani’s Dumaguete Informer.

Yagyag (Vol.XI) is the only Cebuano newspaper which we heard is pursuing a dream of possibly going daily soon, God willing. Everything depends on the Lord’s plan. Yagyag is now hiring good passionate Cebuano writers. Send your applications and inquiries to this paper, just look for the address and email of this paper in this issue….we are their friendly ally.

Without any fanfare, we will continue our mission as purveyors of public information with “service as our motive and Truth as our only guide,” as our motto.