Negros Oriental “dynasties” also falling apart

NEGROS ORIENTAL – The election in May 13, 2019 will long be remembered in political history as the year when old political dynasties crumbled and fell by the sheer power of the ballot, minus eviolence, as the main cause. Like the people power of 1986 many political powers and warlords all over the country simply fell overnight by virtue of the democratic will of the people.

In short the May elections of 2019 was a victory of democracy and the rule of law in our country. Our only hope is that the death of the old political dynasties, will not be replaced by yet another new sets of dynasties that will eventually evolve among the new political powers that be.

It was one election to remember… that change was effected thru the ballot. We believe that the entry of a young batch of new voters called the millennials and the rise of many young candidates could signal the beginning of a new milestone in Philippine politics. We do not mind if it begins with piece meal demolition — of old political patriarchs and king makers of the old order called the era of the tradpols or traditional politicians, —so long as there will eventually be change.

We saw the exit of many old guards from the local to the national levels. This should come as a reminder that in elections nothing lasts forever. The cliché that whatever goes up must come down means .one day you are at the zenith the next day you are down in the abyss of political oblivion.

So, let’s try to make a quick swing and glance into the local dynasties that have gone in Negros Oriental: from the first district, not only during this election but in the past elections as well, in Manjuyod, the Baldados have vacated the municipal scene although Petit has moved up to the capitol; and so have the Alviolas and the Yaps and Paras in Bindoy although Valente has moved up to the provincial board ; the Enardecidos of Ayungon have gone ; and so have the Luzuriagas of Tayasan; the Lagudas and Cameros of Lalibertad now replaced by the Limkaichongs; the Dionaldos of Jimlalaud; and the Bautistas of Canlaon; the Bustamante’s and the Dela Cruzes of Amlan; have been replaced by new faces; the Ibar Teves dynasty of Tanjay is also gone; the Manaays of Mabinay, gone; although if we talk of the Teves dynasty. They are still around in congress, and the mayorships in Bayawan, and Valencia, they belong to one dynasty although their patriarch Meniong Teves has just passed away at the age of 99, two days after elections.

In Dumaguete city, we have to say this: we had no experience of political dynasties although Joe Pro Teves ruled for 19 years as mayor but no family succeeded Joe Pro… And so has the Tsila Mariano Perdices, the governor for many decades then Tuting as mayor and governor and now the grandson Tinchu is in the city council in his second term.

In the third district, the dynasties have been replaced by new mayors like the Truita in Dauin; Diaz in Siaton; Obaniana of Sta Catalina while the rest of the old traditional families in the third district are still quite around.

There was a time in Negros when there were a number of politically entrenched and exalted mortals with their family names who dominated the local political arena. Today most of them are now replaced by fresh breed of millennias and neophyte politicians.

Finally, a quick glance at the national dynasties, the Estradas Ejercitos, Eusebios, the Magsaysasys, the Macapagals, Enrile, and the Abalos to name a few. Let us just suffer a few more years with these present batch of traditional politicians, and incompetents. In due time, their extinction will finally become inevitable.

.. For nothing lasts forever, everything is fleeting and will just be gone in the wink of an eye.