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Negros Island Region budget of P1.4-Billion for infrastructure still good to go despite NIR’s abolition

Despite the abolition of the NIR by President Duterte because of lack of the needed P19-billion funding, the P1.4-Billion Negros Island Region budget for infrastructure for the three engineering and congressional districts of Negros Oriental which are funded in the 2017 General Appropriations Act , are still good to go for this year.  

This will be Negros Oriental’s version of the golden age of infrastructure “build, build, build” program of the administration.  

Contrary to many skeptics the Negros Island Region budget for infrastructure coursed thru the DPWH is now ready for disbursement, according to Engr Ricardo Duran, 2nd district engineer.

The breakdown in the national infrastructure budget is around P400 Million each for the three districts of Negros Oriental. While the provincial infrastructure allocations for the second district is about P500 Million under Cong. Manuel Sagarbarria.  

All in all, the second congressional district has about P900 Million projected this year coursed thru the DPWH.

For the congressional funds, Duran said, he is billing the Dept of Budget a monthly disbursement of P48 Million.

Duran said, the allocations are all in the national treasury. The district engineer bills the DBM monthly for their project disbursement.

The first engineering district is headed by Engr. Alexander Duhig; Engr Angel Beltran of the 3rd engineering district. The regional DPWH NIR-head is Egnr. Reah Delfinado who will go back to Bacolod office since the NIR has been abolished.

Meanwhile, the third engineering district which has about P500 Million from DPWH like the others, have already bidded their projects and awarded them to the winning contractors.

But none of these in the 32 districts have actually started any national DPWH projects for this year. Duran blames bureaucratic delays. He fears that Dec 31 might come and not all of the Negros Island Region budget of P1.4 Billion allotted for this province will be actually disbursed and might revert to the general fund for next year.