New Year’s Resolutions: do they really work?


At the end of each year, I usually make a list of resolutions for the next year. I usually tell myself to exercise more, use less of social media or spend less money on clothes. Then what? Halfway through the year, I lose track of these goals. I give up, frustrated at my lack of accountability. My goals seem to be too many, too unattainable. This year, I realized a better strategy – instead of waiting until the New Year to start working on my goals, I should do them immediately. This way, I might have a better shot of building and keeping these new habits.

Resolutions might not work for us but if we break them down into smaller goals, with timelines and milestones, they may be made more realistic and attainable.  We may want to achieve some focus and do them one at a time, although some can be done simultaneously.  For instance, losing weight and saving money could be done at the same time by cooking meals at home instead of eating at restaurants all the time.  Instead of buying imported goods, why not buy local goods of similar quality and less cost? If we plan on building a house or buying a car, we must learn how to budget, identifying how much savings we need to make every month while living frugally and simply. That way, we can monitor our expenses and ensure we don’t spend beyond our monthly budget.

Another goal may be to maintain good health or improve our health.  Thus, we may want to change our lifestyle to be less stressful, less hurried and more relaxed.  Other than choosing a healthy diet, exercising a few times a week and taking our prescribed medications and vitamins, we can also work towards having more friends who inspire and support us and let go of toxic people who are a burden to us.  Positive and helpful people can give us a confidence lift while negative people can drain us of all our mental energy.

Finally, most important of all, is having a close relationship with our Almighty God who sees everything we do and knows our deepest thoughts.  There are some people who may think God is too remote and uninterested in us or is a fearful, judgmental God.  But everything starts in the spiritual realm even before it goes into the mental, emotional and physical realms.  If we walk with God every step of our journey, obey His precepts and commandments and love Him with all our might, heart, mind and soul, we will never be alone.  Through the ups and downs of life, we will have an Almighty Father, Saviour, Advocate  to be our anchor in this lifetime and in the next. So may you choose the right goals for you and may you have a blessed, joyful, prosperous New Year!