Of measles & outbreaks, and bumper to bumpers


Dumaguete City has indeed joined the cities with bumper to bumper traffic at its peak  hours. This is a small city, but we have small and narrow roads and very crooked streets. What is keeping City Hall from opening that diversion road now ? People are starting to get sick on these right of way reasons which are fast reflecting the issue of political will. Has City hall enough political will to divert traffic to the new diversion roads ….as when as possible?

Elections are fast approaching, man…

Traffic has long been unbearable here…But hey, its definitely lighter than EDSA.

SO WHY COMPLAIN?  Manilans say we are much better of here.

There was a time in last year when   the Dept of Health recorded 30 cases of measles outbreak in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental (tipdas In our dialect).  Thanks be to God, despite the dengvaxia  syndrome  which  mis-informed  thus prevented  many  parents from having their child immunized due to lack of credible information, yet   so far this 2019, the DOH here and provincial health officer Dr Lialand Estacion reported only one suspected case. Bravo!

The DOH here admitted in our CROSSTALK interviews on radio that many parents preferred not to immunize their 5-10 year old kids  due to fear that vaccines might be counter productive as some of the dengvaxia incidents, which has now  even brought  graft   cases against  ex Pres Noynoy and ex DOH head Guarin.

But hey, measle vaccine is not dengvaxia.  Measle vaccines are safe DOH  Estacion assures.  But  because of an effective immunization drive , there are  positive results  as evidenced by a low if not zero outbreak , this again despite such outvbreaks in other parts of the Cebu and other partsd of the   country.  WE have yet to hear an opposing  report on zero  case or casualty in Negros Oriental.


Some 45 live-in couples  were legally wedded by the City Mayor last Friday after Valentines Day.  Luckily there were no same-sex couples.  But even these could not be wedded because same sex marriage is not allowed in this country. Nor is divorce. We hope our lawmakers will keep it that way.

Thru Kasalan sa Quadrangle sa city hall, children of live-in couples have become legitimized; property acquisition  becomes part of the conjugal property;  the legal couples become co-owners, pre-nuptial agreements are still foreign to  the lower echelon couples; there is now “security of tenure” unlike before when they lived as “common law” couples they can be dropped out anytime.


We believe that CONGRESSONAL INSERTION is  the modern version of pork barrel.  The old one is now banned by the Supreme Court. The new one has emerged.  Legislators   claim their constituent barangays and LGUs signed up and requested these projects. These are submitted to the DPWH or the agency concerned  for funding, who will “insert these requests “ into their agency budgets for 2019.  Then when the budget is approved, their money is released to the requesting LGU THRU the national agency.  Pork or not?  Clarix, but wisely circumvented.

So when the projects are executed, it could be bidded and easily awarded to  legislators’  favourite contractors. Other bidders may be give sub-contract “balato” just to shut their mouths, eyes and ears.  So where do you think will the contractor give the SOP?  Ohhh, now you can’t guess that! It’s too hard a question!

So each legislator  has a  minimum of P160-million annual budget insertions. Others have billions and billions more…… We will award the legislator   who will reveal and release the list of where their P160-Million and more, will  go and  to which SPECIFIC projects.  This has long been held confidential because….for obvious reasons….first, it could be ghost projects, or it could b e given only to favoured political supporters to the exclusion  of political rivals and   supporters.  Ten per cent of P160-Million is only P16Million baya.

But hey, make no mistake,  our three congs are very honest. They do not do hanky panky you should know that. And they are all very transparent.  So you deserve whom you have elected….really you do.  Check it out.