Only 10 were hired! Quite unbelievable!


We thought that during the last Labor Day celebration it was sort of bongga because of the massive preparations not only here in Dumaguete but nationwide with the much-announced 200,000 jobs available. Wow!

At minimum wage alone of P350 a day, the 200,000 jobs could generate a labor force income of P70-million a day and P1.4Billion a month for the poor and P16.8Billioin  a year which the industry sector was ready and willing to pay  if there are  qualified workers starting May 1.

In Negros Oriental, 4,362 jobs were offered and ready for the taking of qualified applicants. At minimum wage, it could generate income of P1.5Million a day in wages for Dumaguete and Negros Oriental workers or P30-million a month and P360Million a year if only there were QUALIFIED APPLICANTS.

In short, Money for the jobless workers at P30-Million  a month in salaries for Dumaguete and Negros Oriental would have been available  if only there were enough applicants.

The biggest shock is there were hardly anyone.  In fact the DOLE told us personally that on May 1, only ten (10) pulo ra, were hired on the spot in that job fair at the Robs mall.

Out of the 4,362 jobs available, only l,434 applicants showed up and from among them only 798 applicants qualified for the job and ten were hired on the spot. The rest were still up for follow interviews and submission of requirements.

The BIG QUESTION IS: WHAT IS THE MATTER with our educational system and our on-job OJT trainings, summer jobs, and more trainings?  Is our educational system a mere compliance machinery as a diploma mill? Or is the DepEd really committed not only to produce graduates, but graduates WHO ARE TRAINED ENOUGH FOR WORK after graduation.?”

As it appears, DepEd of the CHED is just like a compliance machine but could not produce qualified workers as showed by TEN applicants who were lucky enough to be hired.


Truly we can now say that our schools and universities are not producing graduates who can readily be accepted by the industrial world, outside of their diplomas which many parents proudly hung these by their walls.

In Singapore which is much smaller  than our country, each college student is first evaluated by government  on which jobs they would fit.  They cannot choose any course outside of their capacities and talents. But  when they accede to the courses recommended to them upon evaluation, together they are also assured of a company that will hire them provided they come up with the high grade standard.

In short, job awaits the graduate in Singapore who works hard to get high grades and recored of good training. No wonder we hardly find jobless fresh graduates in Singapore.

WE LOOK FORWARD to the day when  parents no longer insist on what course their children will take; when competent bodies will determine the exact course that will assure jobs for the new graduate; that graduates will strive to achieve  with high  grade and training standards which makes them  fit  to be hired after college.