Only 2,400 of 5,000 drivers have permits

Only 2,400 of 5,000 drivers have permits

Data show that of the estimated 5, 000 tricycle drivers plying streets of Dumaguete City, only about half or an average of 2, 400 have permits to drive thus endangering public safety.

Councilors Alan Cordova is trying to address the alarming news by pushing for an ordinance mandating all tricycle drivers to become a member of an association duly recognized by the city government.

Amid loud objections of some operators and drivers, Cordova is determined to secure enough support in the City Council to pass the ordinance.

Mayor’s permit to drive is required of the tricycle drivers to ensure that they have no pending criminal records, that they have paid their share of taxes to the government and that they have undergone seminar by the Traffic Management Office.

There are about 2, 500 tricycle units in the city and about 5, 000 regular drivers and “extradors” but based on the records from the city hall in 2017 only about 2, 400 bothered to secure a mayor’s permit.

At present, only 491 drivers have renewed their mayor’s permits although some of those driving the tricycles with sidecar number ending in 2, 3, 4 are not due to renew their permits until the end of February, those with sidecar number ending in 5, 6, 7 must get the permits on March, finally those sidecar number ending in 8, 9, 0 are supposed to get permits on April.

Those found driving without mayor’s permits will be penalized by the Traffic Management Office. Cordova would like to require the registration of all tricycle drivers in associations to enhance regulation and monitoring.