Only dead fetus knows the mother

Despite the outrage, Dumaguete City Chief-of-Police Jonathan Pineda recognized the reality that it is extremely difficult to establish the identity of the mother of the dead fetus that was thrown in a garbage heap.

Police investigators are trying to establish the motive of the abortion to determine the identity of the mother including those who helped her dispose the fetus.

Pineda is also planning to probe the presence of abortion clinics or any person engaged in such trade which is punishable under the law both of God and the government.

He suspects that the parents of the dead fetus could be young students and probably not even residents of Calindagan or near the place where the fetus was found.

City Health Officer Maria Sarah B. Talla determined that fetus was about 5-6 months old and could never survive once aborted. The cadaver was discovered by trash collectors in Barangay Calindagan.

Staff at the City Health Office opined that this was not a case of stillbirth and could have been premeditated abortion which is criminal, considering that the male fetus was found with his head wrapped in a plastic bag and placenta.

The medical workers and ordinary people denounced the callous and cold blooded murder of the fetus and demanded justice.