Order of Bp. Rooker


Here’s a report written in Siaton and dated 22nd of June 1907 by Fr. Licinio Ruiz. Addressed to Fr. Francisco Ortuoste, the vicar provincial, the report in Spanish is translated as follows:

Having returned from Sibulan, where I stayed for some days to lend a helping hand for the fiesta celebration of the town, I am now going to comply with your instruction, drummed into me by Your Reverence to give updates of particular importance to our missions.

I suppose that you might have already received the account of fiesta events in Sibulan, which I sent to the (Manila newspaper) Libertas. With this in mind, there I had a meeting with all the Priests of the Oriental Coast, including Fr. Eusebio (Valderrama) (of San Carlos) upon the order of His Illustrious (Bishop Frederick Z. Rooker). I accompanied Mr. Lacson, the lawyer of the Catholic Church, who gave all the legal advice to the question about (church) properties. By the way, the inquiries were very favorable to the case filed in court by the Catholic Church.

Instead of discussing with Your Reverence the ins and outs of the other Priests, I would rather focus on my situation, even if it may be insignificant and may not merit in taking up a sheet of paper. It is enough that I do my duty for duty’s sake. (More next week)