“Otso diretso vs hugpong pagbabago”

Duterte Orders Arrest Makers of Fake Drugs


President Duterte has really gone crazy when he attacked personally the candidates of the opposition known popularly as “Otso Diretso.”

The “Otso Diretso” is composed of eight senatorial candidates of the opposition pitted against eight candidates of “hugpong pagbabago”.  “Otso Diretso” is the opposition candidates vs the administration candidates of “hugpong pagbabago.”

Who are those in the line up of the opposition candidates of “Otso Diretso?”  They are: GARRY ALEJANO, BAM AQUINO, CHEL DIOIKNO, SAMIRA GUTOC, FLORIN HILBAY, ROMULO MACALINTAL, ERIN TAÑADA and MAR ROXAS,  as against the administration candidates known as “Hugpong Pagbabago” composed of the following:  BONG GO, CYNTHIA VILLAR, JV EJERCITO, SONNY ANGARA, PIA CAYETANO, ZAJID MANGUDADATU, IMEE MARCOS, and RONALD “BATO” DE LA ROSA.

The President attacked the opposition candidates one by one because he was angry at the “Otso Diretso” attacking his administration.  That is natural Mr. President in a democracy.  It is part of democracy to have freedom of speech.  The opposition will attack the administration and the administration candidates will defend the present administration and point out the successes of the Duterte administration.

The Duterte administration is the present administration in whose hands the reigns of the government are temporarily entrusted.  Let the electorate vote for the candidates they want to elect.  This is the essence of democracy.

Sovereignty resides in the people and all governmental authority emanates from them.  It is through election that the people exercises their sovereignty.  After the propaganda, the exposes and attacks, the people will decide who to vote for.  But since our present Constitution allows even those who do not know how to read and write to vote, the elected officials will just be a reflection of the quality of voters we have.  The poor electorate will be subjected to propaganda, they will be bought with money, they will be terrorized, they will be threatened and subjected to all kinds of pressure and most likely those who have no money will not win any election in the Philippines except in exceptional cases where they have no opponents or where the political machinery fails to deliver.

Let us campaign for our candidates. Do not leave the choice of our representatives to the politicians, otherwise, we will no longer have a democracy, but a plutocracy – a government controlled by the rich and powerful.  We should have not changed our 1935 Constitution where only those who were able to read and will be allowed to vote.

Ever since the time we changed our 1935 Constitution and allowed illiterates to vote, our quality of elected officials have gone down.  Sadly, that’s the way it is.