P5M-Manok Bisaya farm opens shortly

Soon to open!!

The  P5 Million MANOK BISAYA farm in Siaton which is set to produce l,500 chick s a week could yet be the first in the country. It is envisioned to revive rural farming and counter the “unhealthy” chemical-based chicken industry .

The Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) has announced it is expected to produce 6,000 chicks of native chickens per month as soon as the provincial hatchery center will be operational within this year.

Provincial veterinary officer Jaime Villaluz said that aside from upgrading the existing program of propagating native chickens in the province, it is launching the socalled native chicken hatchery development program, considered as first in the province or the entire country for that matter.

Funded by the Department of Agriculture to the tune of P5 million pesos, the construction is 90 percent complete at a one-hectare government lot in Siaton, while the provincial counterpart is P3 million for its operation and other expenses including the salaries of job order workers.

Ones in operational, target harvest is 1,500 chicks per week or 6,000 chicks in one month to be distributed to local government units or barangays in support of the Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP).

Initially, 500 breeders will be purchased by the national government, of which 70 percent will lay eggs to be placed in an incubator with target hatching capacity of 1,500 per week.

The PRD has a budget of P23 million, of which the native chicken hatcher development program is one of the components.

Villaluz, however, said even with the native chicken hatchery center in the province, it is still not an assurance that prices of native chickens will go down because of lack of supply.