Paradise is here; who cares about dry spells?

HILBAY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM—in a country where human rights and constitutional freedom is held hostage in many indirect ways, senatoriable Pilo Hilbay (of Otso Derecho at right) expresses his advocacy of constitutional freedom. He is a former solicitor General of the country, a bar topnotcher in 1999, and champion lawyer who won the Phlippine sovereignty rights over the south China sea in the international courts. This man deserves to be a legislator for the country.


Everybody’s talking and worried about the dry spell out there in the metro, which is felt largely in big cities and tickly populated areas, who get their food supplies from the nearby provinces.

But we, like in Negros, Southern Cebu, Negros Occidental, Siquijor whose rustic ambience and rich  ature still prevail, can still enjoy rich natural food because firstly there are less people-consumers around, and second, nature still reigns supreme in our places here.


Please, before we follow Metro Manila and big cities, let us preserve the bounties of nature in our province, make trees and plants and animals grow the natural way, and let us be nature-eaters, not fast food eaters. In this manner we live longer, and healthier.


Nobody among us here is ever attracted about life in Metro Manila or Cebu.  After spending just a couple of days in the metro, we already want to go home to Dumaguete where we still can breathe fresh air, traffic gets stalled less than eight minutes, fresh fish arrive daily in our markets, water is in abundance. We enjoy weekends at the beach for just 15 peso fare.  Street life stops at 11pm and morning comes again.  What paradise. Some just don’t see it. So open your eyes people.

Thank God for we are blessed!

OF COURSE WE HAVE PROBLEMS, the extra judicial killngs mostly, mostly not all, go unsolved. The drug problem is still circulated by the millions. The shabu haul by the enforcers need to be accounted regularly otherwise they could recycled. No big druglord or distributor is/are arrested, only the small street boys. The police are still apprehensive they might stumble upon the big ones who have big connections and threatened to be transferred. 


Corruption here and there. Deposit the SOPs/ kickbacks into           their janitors’ or friends’ account names, outside Dumaguete. Some even ask SOPs in advance.  Some spend it here like a godfather.  Big businesses still give revolutionary taxes. Government does not stop them we don’t know why.  Those businessmen  both give to government and rebels. They please both sides.  Genuine root causes of insurgency still go un-corrected, thus rebels are ever here to stay.


Police and military officers re reshuffled at the prodding of politicians, so they don’t get to know the terrain and big problems remain unsolved.  Lights off at the prison jails thus repacking of shabu cannot be seen by CCTV cameras. Of course, which guard can refuse a thousand weekly offer?  THESE ARE SMALL PROBLEMS compared to the metro level. But just the same, they are problems, and either they are here to stay, or be solved sooner depending on how deep and committed the political will is to the enforcers and their bosses.