Paranoid personality


Generally, paranoid personality is a disorder that occurs in a non-psychotic person who shows unreasonable or unfounded suspiciousness or distrust. However, this is not the same as paranoid schizophrenia which is a serious psychotic disorder in which the individual  not only has delusions of grandeur and a persecution complex, but also demonstrates deranged thought processes such as hallucinations and other bizarre mental manifestations which characterize a psychotic disorder.

Paranoid personalities display unfounded distrust and constant unreasonable suspicion. Here are some examples:

  • A man who is extremely jealous of his wife; prohibits his wife from going out of the house alone for fear that she would be victimized in some way.
  • There are people who have the talent and capability to enter into politics but refuse to do so because of their belief that politicians are candidates for assassination.
  • There are also some people, because of their status, believe that they are the center of attention and everyone else openly criticize them and so they strenuously defend their fears with reason and logic.

The paranoia (suspiciousness) of the paranoid personality presents itself as unwanted as extreme sexual jealousy.

Psychoanalysts explain that there is an internal conflict between the need for recognition and the compulsion to guard certain aspects of emotional life may be the root of paranoia. Often, unconscious sexual conflict plays a major role in the development of paranoia.

The paranoia in paranoid personality can generally be helped with intensive psychotherapy and medication, if necessary.

It is important to remember that almost everyone exhibits some harmless short-lived paranoia from time to time; usually this is the consequence of excessive worry or disappointment. There are individuals who are very sensitive and  do not listen to good advice.  They always interpret innocent comments as personal attack or even “tsismis” from ignorant neighbors. This is a projection of their own paranoid thinking which is really unfounded.

Hence, always be aware of paranoid personalities! Their lives are sources of conflicts: constant quarrels; court litigations; and separation of couples.  There is NO PEACE in their lives!