Parish priest suspends Sunday market Mass!

MISA SA TIANGGI organizers from the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals of Dumaguete North Chapter are hosted in conference by Bishop Julito Cortes, (seated) Vicar Gen. Glen Corsiga, Parish Priest Marino Ybo and Chanellor Jun Limbaga.They will soon reach a “constructive collaboration” among mutual stakeholders to resume the Market Holy Mass, a replication of what Msgr Corsiga initiated in Tanjay city.

This is one for the books!

A parish priest and his assistant ordering a third-Sunday Holy Mass which was about to start, not to proceed?  Yes Virginia!  And only in Dumaguete!

In a text message from Vicar Gen. Glen Corsiga of Tanjay  he said “ I believe the bishop wanted the situation to cool down and allow healing to take place….but also to allow the period of preparation and establish constructive collaboration from among stakeholders…reason enough to hold it in abeyance….Thanks.”

Diocesan Bishop Julito Cortes met with organizers (below) to explain that he did not interpose any objection to the Tianggi Market Mass, but it was the parish priest under  him Fr. Marino Ybo  who  did not permit a Holy Mass. Why?

Sunday Holy Mass is celebrated in Tanjay market, in malls in many places, in private houses, in the barrios, on board boats, in wakes, and funeral parlors or why not in Dumaguete  market? All collections go to the Church and celebrator.   People even  welcomed it! (photo above)  Church dads held the Mass in abeyance, to the dismay of scores  of  Mass worshipers.