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Peace, prosperity top Christmas wishes

The giant Christmas tree that dominates the Quezon Park of Dumaguete symbolizing the Spirit of the Season.

Will the coming elections and the incoming year be peaceful and prosperous?

Nobody is saying except hoping it will be so.  It is the prayer of every one including the enemies of the state.

Local officials express optimism of the year ahead considering that the province’s major politicians have coalesced in a unity ticket that could minimize tension ahead of the midterm elections this May 2019.

But many political observers comment that  there are counter-coalition back up plans indicating that  mutual political trust is a far-fetched reality.

The coalition among major elected officials in the province and in Dumaguete City bodes well for the significant decrease in tensions among the competing political parties now that they will be supporting a unified cause through concerted action that can only mean harmony and cooperation in the political front and in the areas of governance. 

Governor Roel Degamo underscored the need for unity to ensure more peaceful and prosperous families and communities across the province of Negros Oriental. He said that Christmas should be about sharing and friendship that must be embraced and practiced throughout the year.

Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo also credited the support of the local officials, national agencies, city government employees, barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan officials for the successful implementation of projects, programs and activities in the past 2 and 1/2 years of his administration. Local provincial and city legislators   stressed that the firm support of the people and local officials serve as his inspiration and source of strength to continue working to build a more peaceful and progressive city.