Personality types of children


Children often have similar characteristics or patterns depending upon what order they were born. These personality traits are not always true or accurate but they are often true.

For example, the oldest child is often reliable, conscientious, structured and organized. They are sometimes controlling and often achieving.

The middle child is characterized by being very sociable. They are good at mediation and peacemaking. Because they care about other people, and want everybody to be happy, they make a good friend.

I think everybody knows the characteristics of the baby of the family. They are fun loving uncomplicated, and sometimes can be manipulative. After all, how come the baby can’t get whatever they want?

They are usually outgoing and attention seeking. People might say they are spoiled and self-centered. Even though the above sounds pretty negative, I have met lots of last borns who are hardworking and responsible.

The Only Child is usually mature and a perfectionist. They never give up at any task. They are super responsible. Sometimes they are so responsible and detail-oriented, that although they may be very successful, they are irritating because they don’t appreciate easy going people . But if you want something done right they are the person to hire or work with.