Philippine revolutionary records


The response to the petition of the people in 1899 that the friars return to the towns of Negros Oriental can be re-visited in the Philippine Revolutionary Records in the National Library.

Perusing those papers, one can locate a draft letter dated 27 of October 1899 to Presidente de Dumaguete (Meliton Larena) from Fr. Agustin de la Peña, the ecclesiastical governor of Jaro.

There is another draft letter of the same date sent to Sr. Demetrio Larena, governor of Negros Oriental from the same ecclesiastical governor. I have a copy of these papers.

Here’s the conclusion of the petition letter: Otrosí: Los pueblos que solicitaren otro religioso que ayude al Párroco en las funciones del Sagrado Ministerio, contribuirán además  con la cantidad de 400 pesos anuales, para que pueda atender decorasamente a sus subsistencia.

Moreover, the towns, which might request for another friar that may assist the Parish Priest in the exercise of the Sacred Ministry, will contribute an additional amount of 400 pesos annually, so that he can obtain a decent subsistence.

Dignase, pues, V. E. I., despachar favorablemente la suplica que le dirigen estos sus humildes Diosesanos, como así lo esperan del celo pastoral de V. E. I., cuya vida guarde el Cielo muchos años.

Be kind enough, then, Your Most Illustrious Excellency, to deal favorably with this supplication that these your lowly Diocesan (lay faithful) address to you as they so hope from the greatness of the pastoral zeal of Your Most Illustrious Excellency, whose life let Heaven grant length of years.

Dumaguete …. de Octubre de 1899

Firmas ……….

Bacong de Octubre de 1899

Firmas …..

Sibulan … de Octubre de 1899 Ilmo. y Revmo. Sr. Obispo de Jaro