Politics can compromise effective law and order


A city chief of police who proved himself  an- efficient and effective law enforcer was suddenly replaced, and re-assigned as a deputy provincial director for the province even before  the expiry of his two-year tour of duty.


This is not new considering that an election is  coming in May 13 and influential  political opponents might fear that the presence of PSupt Jonathan Pineda might be tainted with political bias considering his effective  performance and coordination of incumbent local politicians.

But for the civilian  stakeholders, we lost as good chief of police just because some people  become politically insecure during the coming elections. This is childish and unfounded fear which according to citizen obsevers deserve condemnation.


Why should a good cop be replaced just because elections are coming? Anyhow, there is no argument because these people also obey without questions.  According to the mayor and incumbent councillors, we will have to let go and move on. Let us just hope to have a good if not better replacement. He is replaced by PSupt Greg Galsim who came from a Cebu assignment.  Is it not awkward that a new city chief of police will have to acquaint himself with the terrain and people  in political sensitive times? Everything remains to be seen, since  we cannot speculate.  Let us support the new leadeer

Similar reshuffles will also be felt in the days to come. We surely will have a new provincial director  (PD), and both he and his men and people will again start adjusting to each other’s  management styles and weaknesses.


In the Comelec front, we have a new provincial Comelec supervisor in the person of Atty Eliseo Laberia who switched places with our own Atty Eddie Aba who was reassigned to Bohol Comelec. Laberia met with local election registrars last Thursday and told them to expect a similar reshuffle, maybe just within  varioius  municipal and city posts.

There is always that paranoia of election meddling , bias and favouritism . So a reshuffle is made every electiontide just to avoid such suspicions.

Usually it is the community whom  effective law enforcers leave who complain about sudden replacements.  What can people do, these replacements  don’t ask questions, they just obey orders.


Some legislators  validly lambasted the billions of sudden insertion of P95-billion  pesos for infrastructure to alleged favoured law makers in this year’s re-enacted budget.

It turned out that the critics were also found out to have benefitted in another   equally big  scam at the Malampaya natural gas project in the middle of the Palawan sea. Ha ha.

What  else is new people?

Do you know the story of the Malampaya fund scam?

Simple: Some P900-million in  government shares in the exploration were to be used for energy projects.  But  the palace  in 2009 approved the diversion of  this P900-million for a “more” laudable emergency project in helping rehabilitate the victims of typhoon Ondoy and Peping.


It turned out ——you guessed it— the money didn’t get there. It was “lost” in ghost projects of 12  foundations as conduits and signed by 97 mayors in Luzon’s towns and cities. After so many delays in the Ombudsman, the Sandiganbayan finally decided the case to be filed and undergo a full blown trial.

Latest: the SBayan rejected the appeal of House Majority leader Rolly Andaya Jr  and relatives of plunder  convict Janet Lim Napoles for the dismissal of the 200 criminal  cases against Andaya-Napoles et al,   in connection with the loss of P900million  of the Malampaya  Fund Scam.

When this will be resolved: try asking the marines.


Finally, why are there so many poor people in jail? While the big time crooks in government go scot free?  So many poor drug dealers  who try  to feed his family with such shabu sales is jailed even for life. A poor   drug dealer is even killed for “resisting arrest.”   While only a handful of big time drug syndicates are caught , prosecuted and convicted.  Where is justice in our country?  Of course there is justice because the big time lawyers know how to expertly play  the court drama. While the pooor litigants cannot afford to hire these big time judicial actors.


So many cry foul on small time government kickbacks. But here are hundreds of millions and billions of unaccounted money both stolen and plundered,  and nobody is jailed for that. They just post bail and the trial goes ad-infinitum.

Again, of course there is justice but the cost of playing the court drama is the one that is not affordable to the poor litigants.

So your question is answered: why are there so many poor people in jail?  Because court drama is very expensive. Only the rich can afford.