Positive resolutions amid spiritual renewal and crisis


As we face and reflect on the movement in many people’s lives, one can detect, among other things, the most essential thing needed for people to learn in order to spiritually grow, share and genuinely prosper in the world.

According to an enlightened American Pastoral Counselor, there is always:

  • a need for silence in the midst of noise;
  • a need for poverty amid the flaunting of wealth;
  • a need for peace and today’s universal outburst of violence;
  • a need for quality to counterbalance the increasingly prevalent response to quantity;
  • a need for humility to counteract the arrogance of power and science;
  • a need for human warmth when everything is being rationalized or computerized;
  • a need for slowness to compensate the present eagerness for speed.
  • a need to belong to a small group rather than be a part of a crowd;
  • a need for transparency when everything seems opaque;
  • a need for truth when the real meaning of the words is distorted;
  • Yes, a need for the interior life… (a passport to Heaven)

(Taken from Robert J. Wicks’ “Seeking Perspective”)