Pre-bid for P24 million Colon bridge Tuesday

The pre-bid conference for interested contractors that will implement the P17 million concrete bridge at the back of Foundation University is slated this Tuesday.

At this point about three construction firms have already indicated interest in joining the bid for the bridge construction connecting Barangays Taclobo and Bagacay.

The proposed bridge will replace the destroyed dikes, spillways and box culverts caused by a series of typhoons in the last two years.

Instead of spending public funds for short term repairs, Mayor Remollo has decided to replace the current damaged structure with a full span 25 linear meters long concrete bridge that can withstand big flood and ensure the safety of motorists and riding public despite the onslaught of storms and typhoons.

However, further clarifications can be made on the scope of work and other details during the pre-bid conference to reconcile all concerns.

General Services Office Head Azucena Gonzales, Secretary of the City Bids and Awards Committee, said that if plans do not miscarry, the construction of the bridge will be finished in 213 working days.

About 25 houses on both ends of the bridge may have to be relocated so that adequate space road-right-of-way including the construction of approaches to bridge will be attained.

Alternate routes for the other residents whose rights to ingress, egress, and regress will be affected while construction is ongoing, as the interior roads will be closed to traffic, are also being deliberated including negotiations with concerned lot owners.

Next project of the administration is the construction of another full span concrete bridge with a budget of P 50 million for the bridge traversing Banica River connecting Barangays Batinguel and Bagacay (Near BIR) including acquisition of road-right-of-way and other incidental expenses. It is also designed to replace the damaged spillway in the area.

Mayor Remollo is optimistic that the twin bridge projects will be completed within the year so that traffic gridlock in the downtown area will be reduced and safety of the motorists will be guaranteed despite rising floodwater during heavy downpour.