RAOK = Good deeds daily


It is not hard to do a good deed every day and there are many ways to help others that don’t cost  money.  Sometimes you can cook for somebody when they are sick. You can go to the store for them when they are too busy with their children. You can wash their clothes or watch their children.

You can do research for somebody, especially research for their health problems. Right now, I’m trying to help a person find natural  home remedies that are effective and inexpensive.

You can give somebody encouragement on a bad day. You can listen to their problems and give them a hug.

As a foreigner with a small pension I have a little bit of extra money because my money grows when I bring it to the Philippines. Several times I have bought prescriptions for people, glasses, food, shoes, or a school uniform.

However,  when you buy something for somebody, be sure you tell them they have to carry it forward. They are then obligated by the principles of the universe to do good for somebody else. Some religions teach you that no matter how poor you are,  you always help somebody more desperate than you are.

In fact when you are depressed,  if you go out and help somebody,  you will feel better.

Everyday  do something good for yourself and for others. Don’t pollute! Don’t smoke! Don’t let the alcoholics drink at all,  they can’t stop. And don’t allow them to drive when they drink. A good deed might be to take the keys away from them, and save their life or somebody else’s.

Sure,  they can be angry at you for taking their motor keys when they are drunk. But everybody will be alive in the morning.

By the way, RAOK means Random Acts of Kindness. It just means you’re looking for opportunities everyday to be nice to somebody that is deserving. Every day, in every way, we are getting better and better.