Real Meaning

lea sicat reyesZEPHYR

It is Christmas Time once again.  Right about this time last year, I asked random people about their Christmas wishes.  For this year, I wanted to know the children’s views about Christmas.  The question I asked was very simple: For you, what is Christmas all about?  Here are some of the most interesting answers that I have collected. 

•  “Christmas is about family.  It’s the time when we are complete.” – Zian, 8 years old

•  “Christmas is about toys, toys, toys!  I will wait for Santa even if we have no chimney.  He might have to pass through the window so I have to be there to open it!” – Amelia, 7 years old

•  “Christmas is about Christ’s birth.  We should praise him like the shepherds and wise men did, “ Kristin, 11 years old

•  “Christmas is about giving.  Just as God gave us His own son that we might be saved, so too must we be a gift for others,” Mark James, 12 years old.

•  “Christmas is about food.  We just keep on eating.  Nonstop eating!” Dominique, 9 years old

•  “Christmas is about taking a break.  I can’t wait to play all day!” King, 7 years old

•  “Christmas is about candies! I have so many candies to bring home! “ Bea, 6 years old

•  “Christmas is about sharing and loving.  It is not about presents alone.” Christian, 11 years old

May we enjoy Christmas as children would — eyes full of glee, hands willing to share, spirit ready to receive Christ and, in turn, be a blessing to others.  As what is often said, it is not about presents but our presence in each other’s lives that truly counts for at the end of the day, the truest meaning of Christmas is love.

Before I end my article, here is an excerpt from famous poet Christina Rosetti’s poem, “Love Came Down at Christmas.” 

Love came down at Christmas; Love all lovely, love divine; Love was born at Christmas,
Stars and angels gave the sign. Happy Christmas, everyone.  May we all have a meaningful celebration of Christ’s birth.