Remollo confirms pay hikes

MERIT SYSTEM CITY HALL... regardless of how long or shortly employed the mayor has the prerogative to recognize the initiative of an employee such as these job orders (left to right) Jorge Dicen, Edrico Moreno, Gladdy Bryan Catacutan, Reden Silva, Jomar Iso, Enrique Sanchez, Engr. Adam Nodado, and Cresenty Ruedas in recognition to their tireless service beyond the call of duty.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo approved the pay increases of more than two dozen employees in recognition of their laudable performance to serve as an example for their colleagues to emulate.

The employees who were given salary increases are those who rendered service “beyond the call of duty” during the days long search and retrieval operations of the victims in the Sibulan tragedy caused by the collapse of man-made tunnels in search of hidden treasure.

This developed as black propaganda is once again utilized to score cheap political points against an administration that is trying to instill the values of professionalism in government service.

Mayor Remollo laments that the efforts to professionalize the service by instituting reforms in the recruitment of applicants and evaluation of promotions are being undermined by character assassination and baseless allegations.

Allies of Mayor Remollo questioned the timing of the release of the white paper authored anonymously and circulated not only in the city hall but in the public market and barangays involving personalities identified with the opposition.

Mayor Remollo said that if the intention of the complaints was noble and bereft of political malice the complainants should have sent a letter directly to his office so he could take appropriate action.

He vowed that an investigation will be made to establish who are the persons responsible of the white paper and at the same time ensure a fair probe on the veracity of the allegations provided it is not politicized.

Mayor Remollo believe that the city government employees particularly the job order workers would not forget that he increased their daily rate by P 50 a day upon his assumption to office; ensured that regular workers get salary increases and other benefits as provided in the Salary Standardization Law of 2015; casual employees were either promoted or granted all the benefits due them and the buyout of outstanding loans of the employees in eight (8) financing institutions by a single bank that assures enough and decent take home pay.

The City Human Resource Office and Councilor Lilani Ramon spearheaded the automation of the payroll system in the city government that ensure efficient and safe disbursement of wages among employees.

Mayor Remollo also explains that the aptitude test for laborers are just meant to measure the basic knowledge and skills of the applicants including their dedication to service when confronted with various situations.

With these reforms Mayor Remollo expected resistance from some employees but he never realized that rogue politicians would maliciously engage in black propaganda to undermine these reforms for political expediency.