Remollo deplores black propaganda

FIRST FOOTAGES OF CITYWIDE CCTV ARE CAPTURED AT THE COMMAND CENTER INSIDE AT CITY HALL—City officials led by Mayor Felipe Remollo switched on the first pictures, and inspected the command center of the CCTV system with large monitors demonstrating the capacity and reach of the 336 high definition cameras that can focus subjects as small as plate numbers even at night. Mayor Remollo shared the news that the first 8 CCTV cameras mounted at the Quezon Park are now operational. Vice-Mayor Franklin Esmeña Jr., City Administrator Ricard Gonzales Jr., Attys Edgar Lentorio and Erames and former Councilor Antonio Remollo joined the presentation and viewing.

The following is Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo’s complete statement deploring the spread of black propaganda being spread during the campaign:


It saddens me that as election nears, certain individuals have resorted to propagating lies and falsities in a desperate attempt to influence the results of the elections. This is the very same evil that I detest and am determined to rid the City of gentle people of.

I believe that elections should be won by Plans Performance and Political Will instead of spreading rumors, distortions of facts, baseless attacks on the integrity and person of a candidate. These manipulative individuals are peddlers of “white paper,” misused tri-media, social media and the like to champion their distasteful motives FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAINS AND NOT FOR THE COMMON GOOD.

Three years ago, my family and I ventured in this journey to finish things left unaccomplished. We were comfortable in our respective professional careers, and our children were all grown up. It’s time to fix things.

For the last three (3) years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving the people of Dumaguete as its Mayor. With this responsibility comes the trust of its citizens which I hold in the highest esteem.

And I have devoted my time, personal resources, and professional skills as a lawyer and as an administrator to do what I know and believe to be what is best for Dumaguete and it’s citizens in a sustainable manner. Those who have worked with me, those who have debated and argued with me, are people I respect because they passionately want what is best for Dumaguete, as do I.

There are those who want power for power’s sake, have tried to manipulate and even break the law to get what they want. And at every turn, your City Council and I, as your Mayor, have always upheld the rule of law, complied with rules and regulations, and conducted ourselves ethically as civil servants. As I prepare legal action against libelous and slanderous accusations, we must not be distracted from our goal – to make Dumaguete City the most livable and sustainable community in the Philippines. With a new mandate, we will continue with the development plans of the City which I have painstakingly explained in our daily pulong pulongs.

I offered my services to the citizens of Dumaguete City 3 years ago to serve my community. If I wanted to enrich myself, I could have continued to practice my lucrative profession as a lawyer. Public service is not a profession but a vocation. And my family and I will continue to make this vocation our advocacy for the love of Dumaguete City, our home town.

I humbly submit to the Will of an enlightened electorate as I continue to pray for clean, honest and peaceful election. God bless our country and its people.