Republicans vs Democrats in Dumaguete

Greg Tucker (Republican); Calvin Trent (Democrat)

Two American retirees enjoying as residents  in this city they call paradise, came out to explain the intricacies of being a Republican and a Democrat citizen of America. And to defend and condemn the proposed high wall of Pres Trump dividing America and Mexico.

They are Greg Tucker, a Republican , retired computer programmer from Atlanta Georgia and Calvin Trent, a Democrat a retired English teacher from California.

A Republican Tucker said,  basically  wants to live independently with minimum government intervention. Democrats Trent says is one who would expect government to undertake social programs for the people.

They were both guests at CROSSTALK, at DYEM Bai Radio talk show hosted by Ely Dejaresco.

Republicans  reacted in favour of the much controversial “Immigrants’ high wall” in new the new Mexican border with the           US      because nobody cares about lawful entry of immigrants there. Even criminals and drug cartels can freely enter the          U.S.A. thru the Mexican border without legal papers. This illegal entries of about 2 million people  had 400,000 arrested last year for illegal entry. With the wall, they hoped to reduce illegal entry arrest to 100,000.

On the other hand, Democrats  do not want the wall because it is useless, illegal entrants will still findother ways, dig tunnels, and climb the 20ft wall, which streteches 2000 miles long.

Democrats also want to hire cheap labor from illegal immegrants. They expected America to feed, shelter, educate and take care of even illegal immigrants in pursuit of the American dream.   They said, humanitarian gestures are good but not the entry of criminals and drug cartels.