Rescuers get pay increase for risking their lives

All city government employees, who were deployed as first responders and later participated in the retrieval operations for the three trapped treasurer hunters in Boloc-Boloc Sibulan, Wednesday, will receive pay increases as their incentive.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo who also helped supervise the retrieval operations complimented the display of unity among Sibulan and Capitol rescue operators said that this will serve as an inspiration to rescue responders who should get all the support from their own LGUS. .

Remollo will lead a simple ceremony tomorrow at the City Quadrangle (after the flag raising ceremony) to commend the 17 members of the rescue team, 9 personnel from the City Engineer’s Office, 25 officers from the Bureau of Fire Protection and 3 other employees for risking their lives just to recover the remains of the victims during the three-day operations.

A similar gesture is also expected to be extended by Sibulan Mayor Jose Pepe Abiera and Gov Degamo.

Assistant City Administrator Dr. Dinno T. Depositario said the respective Sanggunians of Dumaguete and Sibulan are also expected to present resolutions commending the industry and determination of the rescuers in performing their tasks.

It is also expected that the commendation for the fire officers will be addressed to higher headquarters with a strong recommendation for their promotion.

Despite the danger and fatigue due to lack of sleep, the responders, including the operators of the heavy equipment deployed by Mayor Remollo, the rescue personnel   persevered just to recover the remains of the victim so that their families can afford them decent burials.

Authorities identified the three victims of the tragedy as Algie Emia Javier, Bobby Acibo Baldado and Feliciano Parao Encilay while a certain Mauro Icong Alforque managed escape being buried alive as he was some distance away from the three fatalities.

The victims, along with a certain Christine Amarante Singh came into an agreement to dig for treasure inside her property as early as November 2018 without the necessary permits from the regulating bodies, the National Museum,  including the municipality of Sibulan. Mrs Singh’s whereabout remains unknown after she was reglamentarily detained at the Sibulan jail but released later after 18 hours,  in the absence of complainants even as the crime committed was  on-going and was within the full view and knowledge  of the public.