Rubio presented in Malacañang by Task Force media

MALACANANG PRESIDENTIAL TASK FORCE ON MEDIA SECURITY—Executive Director Usec Joel Sy Egco points at P/Cpl Roger Rubio (right) as the main person of interest in the murder of Broadcaster Dindo Generoso . He is charged with murder. He could be the main triggerman, the motorcycle driver, thus a third John Doe is still at large who rode the final motorcycle that gunned down Generoso. Corsame could not have driven the motorbike because he is diabetic, poor eyesight, and on dyalisis…Both Corsame and Rubio were seen on CCTV on board the Strada which operated that morning, of Nov 7 and the driver Teddy Salaw and another beside him on the front seat wearing a white t-shirt apparently directing the entire operation. Rubio is expected to tell all, to President Duterte who issued the order of arrest and Usec Egco of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security.

MALACANANG, MANILA — The Presidential Task Force on Media Security executive director Usec Joel Sy Egco presente Friday in Manila , upon order of President Duterte, P/Cpl Roger Rubio the main person in interest now charged with murder of Broadcaster Dindo Generoso.

Why Rubio? Because he was implicated by other main suspects in their cellphones which pointed out that Rubio played a major role in the final execution of the crime.

The following is the transcript of Usec Egco during the presentation of the main suspect.  Rubio’s major role could be the triggerman, the motorcycle driver or part planner, it will be determined in court.

Here is the transcript of Usec Egco:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen

On behalf of the presidential task force on media security and Sec Martin Andanar, press secetary, following the gruesome killing of radio blocktimer Dindo Generoso  In the morning of Thrusday Nov 7.

No less than Pres Rodrigo Duterte thru presidential spokesman Sec Salvador Panelo gave authority to act in bringing the killers to justice . In a matter of hours, and in quick succession two of the suspects in the attack were arrested on the same day, namely Teddy Salaw and Glenn Corsame. In record time the next day charges of murder were filed against salaw and corsame and two others, namely; Roger Rubio the alleged gunman and Tomasino Aledro who has since been in hiding. This morning we are pleased to announce that rubio is now in government custody.  Giving in to mounting pressure, due to an intensified manhunt, with five tracking teams looking for him, Mr Rubio unfortunately an active personnel of the PNP negros oriental and the provincial mobile force company, gave himself up to his commanding officer P Lt Col Judimar Delleon  at around 6 o clock in the evening of nov 13.

This is the outcome of the close coordination of and careful yet thorough cooperation between the PTCOM secretariat headed by Usec Joel Sy Egco, and our dedicated team of inevestigators from the pnp region 7 led by p brig gen valeriano de leon also with us today here.

Together with Dumaguete PNP police station headed by P Maj Jesus B Masajon the success also includes the full support and the significant participation of Police Lt Col Alfredo Alarcon Jr  OIC of the Dumaguete City Police station and P Col Julain Entoma  the provincial director of the Negros Oriental provincial police office….

The series of investigations and the filing of charges are our course of action that further proves and solidifies the administration’s commitment to stamp out impunity against members of the working media. The administration through pcoo Sec Martin Andanar and the PTFMS  shall continue to go after and hold accountable to law these perpetrators of media killings and violenc in the Philippines regardless of who or what they are and why they did it…..

Before I give the floor to Gen Deleon I’d like to witness the fact that Mr Rubio si here with us today and he is going further investigation in my office.


We were just required by the presidential task force on media security to present Corporal Rubio the primary person of interest considering that the evidence of who is implicated in the evidence we gathered in the course of the investigation. Thank you…

Q&A :

How do we know that he is the the gunman and do a little more background on his position now?


Col Wilfredo I. AlarconJr- OIC in Dumaguete police station: We have gathered the information and identified patrolman Roger Rubio base on the information gathered in the cellphone that was recovered in the position of Teddy Salaw and Teddy Salaw has been arrested and manhunt operation and during the arrest he was arrested for violation of 10591 because approaching pallang yung operatives natin he was about to draw his gun….ang trabaho lang sana natin and yet may initial violation na siya na binonot niya ang baril niya..then immediately we take effect the arrest sa kay teddy salaw then after the investigation has been conducted legal naman yung pag arrest sa kanya at doon na naming nakita sa cellphone niya at immediately the search has been conducted…

Q&A: ano po ba ang nakita sa cellphone niya na para sabihin natin na he is the gunman?


Col Wilfredo Alarcon answered: nakita sa cellphone ni Teddy Salaw na may Roger Rubio pnp then wala immediately conversation regarding doon sa may papatayin….coming na ako dyan….papunta na ako diyan…magkita nalang tayo dito sa area na ito…..dito pa kami…ahhhh in bisaya language…..

Follow up Q&A: pero wala pong direct text saying may papatayin?..may utos?


Col Wilfredo Alarcon: doon sa nakita naming na pwedi nating ma link na significant doon sa insidente is regarding sa nagpagawa nang plate number na nagpapagawa si Roger Rubio isa yun sa mga significant na mga text message na nabasa namin din kasi sa recover namin na sasakyan different plate number ang ginamit doon sa sasakyan na hindi tugma sa induction sticker after we have verified the highway patrol group na bini verify then nila….


Si Roger Rubio ay hindi ba siya umaamin?


Joel Sy Egco answered: right now we are still investigat in fact that’s the reason why I ask Gen De Leon na nandiyan sila sa office ngayon inivestigahan ang ating mga agent…since day na nangyari ito sa Dumaguete kami agad ni General De Leon ang magkausap..sabi ko sir…ayan may instruction na tayo talaga na habulin lahat yan kung sino man ang masagasaan at ngayon on going ang investigation……at hindi natin masasagot…until after we have concluded the investigation….kaka surender palang kasi ni Roger Rubio….ilang tracker teams yung humabol sa kanya lima? Limang tracker teams para ma trace lang siya…… maybe involved also in politics or in a land dispute  before kon wala ito si land dispute so doon umiikot ngayon ang investigation either politics related or both….ito kasi si Mr. Generoso to give a background ang kanyang program sponsored is block time that is sponsored by the Dumaguete City government. Ang tina tackle niya ditto usually ay developmental programs so binaback track natin ang kanyang programa kong sino yung mga binanatan niya…sino yung posibling magkaroon nang interest kung sino yung makikinabang kung siya ay mamatay….so on going pa po lahat ito…..we’re giving them all the right due but what is important is that the four of them have process been already formally charged with murder, Teddy Salaw, Glen Corsame, Tomasino Aledro and Roger Rubio.