Senatorial bets breeze into town

TAÑADA WOOS YOUTH VOTE. In a city with a huge population of students, engaging the youth is necessary as they are likely to be more informed and independent minded thus less likely to be influenced by traditional politics. Former Quezon Cong. Erin Tañada (center) greets the students after he spoke before senior high school students during a convocation at City Hall that was also attended by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Councilors Lilani Ramon and Karissa Tolentino-Maxino.

Two neophyte senatorial candidates separately barnstormed the province and Dumaguete City as they campaigned to gain ground in the Visayas regions.

Former 4th District Quezon Congressman Erin Tañada in a talk with students at the City hall, Tuesday, underscored his opposition to the proposed law lowering of the age of criminal liability for children from 15 years-old to 13 or 9 years-old.

On Friday, former Philippine National Police Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, also came to have an audience with elected barangay officials and students at the city hall to further introduce himself to the public and bare his platform of government.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo welcomed both candidates being guests of the city and provided them the forum to engaged with the grassroots leaders and students so they can arrived at an informed decision come election time.

Tañada, who is running for senator as an oppositionist, lamented that under the current administration, the prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed due to inflation that limits the purchasing power of the common people.

In his time as congressman, he authored several laws including the extension of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, recovery of the coco levy funds and Universal Health Care Law.

On the other hand, Dela Rosa was at the forefront in the war against illegal drugs that was severely criticized by opposition figures.

President Rodrigo Duterte, a fellow Bisayas, has unconditionally thrown his support to the candidacy of Dela Rosa and rallied his supporters to help elect him to the Senate.