Shine with Oro, Plato, Masa cooking competition


There was a time we used to just eat whatever was set on the table before us. As long as it tasted well, it was fine. This is no longer the case. These days, chefs, wanna-be chefs or moms wanting to nourish their family have leveled up, transforming cooking into a passion, a career. Cooking has become an art form – an edible art form that captivates and enriches the dining experience.

As the popularity of cooking soars, food lovers delight at the wide array of beautifully presented savory dishes and mouthwatering desserts that chefs prepare for their customers. Chefs and Culinary Arts students compete among themselves to draw out the best.

Marissa Ngan Dames, winner of a prestigious national cooking contest and President and COO of DTC Promos Inc., launched the “Oro, Plato, Masa Nationwide Culinary Competition last Sept. 17 at the Golden Phoenix Hotel in Manila.

Ms. Dames started this Corporate Social Responsibility initiative “to espouse a new culinary philosophy of progression that allows our student chefs to shine.” The contest title “Oro, Plata, Masa” is not some randomly chosen title. “Oro stands for gold, the highest standard of excellence aspired for by chefs; Plato stands for the plate where the student contestants can showcase their entries; Masa stands for both the dough and the masses – the dough stands for the students who could be trained and molded for excellence and the masses or the people who could benefit from this experience,” Ms. Dames expounded.e ready for the workplace

She explained that the competition aims at enabling as many schools and students to be ready for the workplace by working well, even under pressure.

The competition is open to all Filipino students aged 16 years by Sept. 1, 2019 and are currently enrolled in a cooking course/ program of any school recognized by the Philippine environment.

The contest has two categories: The Ulam (savory) category and the Minatamis (dessert) category. Recipes will be screened beforehand and must meet the requirements of the category.


Qualified students must form a team of two members from the same school or program.

For the mechanics of the contest, students may fill out the entry form downloaded from Entries and forms may also be downloaded from

If you or anyone you know would be interested, please share this wonderful opportunity with them. Who knows, you may be the Grand Winner who will win Lenovo laptops, kitchen equipment and products from Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), Masflex, Oleo Fats and Sonlie.