Significant factors that make children rebel


Children are the best gift par ents receive from God. Parents are given the task of molding their children’s total development from their health of body, mental attitude, emotional and spiritual well-being. The bottom line of all this formation is consistent discipline coupled with loving care. Parents should always spend quality time with their children, no matter how busy they are. Parents should make their rules clear and must apply them well. They should know how to punish and reward their children properly.

I know of a friend, a successful businessman whose children were subjected to a “strict discipline” when they were growing up. All of them graduated Cum laude in their college course, respectively at UST, Manila. They are a happy family. They always go to church together.

It cannot be denied that there are also families whose children don’t have good relationship with their parents so much so that they become delinquent in their homes and later in the society. Why is this so?

Here are a number of factors that could be traced back as to why children rebel against their parents.

v Absence of parental care because parents are working abroad.
v Most of the children are under the care of people who are also working for a living, and these care-takers are not strict in disciplining the children. They cannot control them.
v When these children, whose allowance are big, would go out to enjoy with their barkadas, they would just spend the whole night or day in places where the enjoy pot sessions.
v Most of these children who were already dependent with marijuana will now graduate to take “Shabu” peddled around.
v All of these children are enjoying the Online Games, playing the whole night in stations they like to promenade.
v If they are enrolled in a school, they become truants. Hence, most of them are “dropouts.”
v When the parents come home these children, show their outward resentment and hostility towards them. Some do not come home anymore.
v If parents could not send enough money, they would sell a lot of things from their homes, or pawn them. Many are involved in gun-running and smuggling things.
v Many would become antisocial personality and worse, would become victims of extrajudicial killings!