Sillimanian commercial pilot flies solo from Las Vegas U.S.A.

A Silliman-bred medical technologiost  could yet be the youngest if not the only woman commercial airline pilot of  a  United States Texas Airline,  who was educated at Silliman University.  She just flew solo on a light plane from Las Vegas to several U.S. cities. (see Photo)

She is  Alycia Mae Cabauatan-Dames born in California on March 12, 1996. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Conrado (Rading) and Elizabeth Cabauatan of Mango Ave, Piapi Dumaguete City.

Alycia graduated as a Med Tech from Silliman in 2006 and passed the Board exam same year. Her parents  thought all along that she will proceed to take up Medicine here,  or in the United State. She also finished Elementary and High School in Silliman.

To their  surprise, she opted to study Aviation  in the United States  which is a very expensive ofcourse, besides being risky.

The picture shows Alycia standing beside a small plane which she flew solo from Las Vegas where she studied Aviation, to other cities in the United State. Alycia is now a pilot of a Texas airline since last year.

Alycia plans to apply as Cadet of the Philippines Airline or Cebu Pacific. If qualified she will have a good chance to fly International flights with a Boeing or Airbus planes.

Probably, Alycia is among the few  if not the only lady-product  of Silliman who are commercial Aviation pilots  whose “ courage and bravery is being admired by her kins and   peers.” There are however, several  male Sillimanians who are commercial airline pilots.   (RADING CABAUATAN.)