Smuggling trash


The fact that Canada and South Korea (including other developed countries that have secretly done it without being caught) have dared to smuggle into our country several steel sea vans of their TRASH, and GARBAGE,  even spending  thousands of dollars just to dump it into Manila , and worse, slipping past through Customs is more than injury added to the gravest  insult.

In the first instance, our government foreign affairs should have immediately filed a diplomatic protest against  these shipping countries consigning it to fake addressees so that their garbage will rot in our Customs warehouses. But we did not lift a finger except do it at random.  What are we, mos-mos (a rotten dumpsite)?

Secondly, that these countries have spent money just to load and dump their garbage into our country only goes to show how lax and ill-equipped our customs bureau is so as not to detect even  garbage being shipped before their very noses!

Do you know why smuggling drugs even  in barrels continue in  Manila’s  ports? It is because NOT ALL sea vans are subjected to x-ray, but only at random. Corruption becomes high when the van inspectors get millions in bribes so as to skip controversial vans with hot items inside.  To solve this, Team B in Customs must now x-ray ALL vans.

Customs must now make it a policy to x-ray ALL SEA VANS WITHOUT EXCEPTION even if takes the whole time to do it. Impartial inspectors, if there still are, should be part of the inspecting team.  Mind you, there are several thousands of sea vans arriving in the port of Manila every single day!  Not all are closely scrutinized because of lack of x-ray machines. How stupid.

We are even battling for ZEROWASTE management of our garbage and yet— we allow undetected steel sea vans of trash to be smuggled into our country?

Thirdly, it only goes to show that cleanliness both in personal hygiene and cleanliness in governance, are not a priority in our country save corruption, drugs, and killings. And we have just started battling these social cancers  during the last three years thanks to a man named Duterte who has   not yet even perfected the art of cleaning up our mess. But he can end up trying.

No wonder other countries look down and frown upon the Philippines as a rich, educated, religious but DIRTY country—”walay ligo” in many ways.

Let those legislators who pride themselves of  billions of filthy  budget insertions  pass a sensible  law (not just file a bill) expelling the ambassadors of those countries who smuggle  their garbage into sea vans   in order to rot at Manila’s ports.  And perhaps Duterte might consider their envoys getting EJKed if they insist in this filthy business of dumping their garbage in our front yards. —Sampling one EJK   will surely stop the maladies of these dirty fellows. Of course PRRD as usual should not be the one to  issue the order overtly.