So who’s afraid of growing old?


If you raised your hand and answered “yes” to the question, you’re not alone.  In fact, you’re among many who are doing all they can to hang on to the fountain of youth. 

Gerontophobia” is the fear of growing old.  This explains why many people  are fighting tooth and nail to slow down or minimize the signs of aging:  Botox, Diamond Peel, anti-aging creams, moisturizers, various dermatological procedures.  Name it, they’ve probably tried it to fight off wrinkles, frown lines, eye bags.  Skin care products are hot items. Regardless of how pricey they are, people still buy them.  After all, they come in pretty and brightly colored jars promising “hope” in a bottle or jar of cream – hope that they will not grow old fast.

Admittedly, advancing age carries with it the discomforts of Arthritis, Vertigo, squeaky bones, stiff joints, to mention a few.  But on the other hand, with age comes wisdom, hindsight and the precious gems of lessons learned.  Sometimes, we encounter setbacks, failures, disappointments and heartaches.  Very few go through life’s journey on a smooth, linear path.  But for every setback, struggle and failure we learn our own fighting strategies that lead to surviving and winning in life. We somehow find a way to win.

We must learn to accept and embrace the cycle of life, especially the current stage of life we’re in.  Now’s the time to take care of ourselves, exercise the mind and body, grow in our spiritual life, eat a healthy, balanced diet, get enough rest and keep hydrated.  Above all, we must face our fears, learn to forgive, forget  and get rid of anger and bitterness.  We need to travel light and toss out the emotional baggage we’ve been carrying for a while.

Further, we must live our personal mission and advocacy, whatever it is we hold dear.  Isn’t it more rewarding to live not just for ourselves but to make a difference in the lives of others?

Getting old is a gift not bestowed on many.  Let us be grateful for having lived a full and blessed life.