Social tricks and advice


1) To make people speak about something, you stay silent. Often they will start talking out of awkwardness.

2) If you want someone to like you,  ask them a small favor or borrow their pen.

3) For stubborn  kids ask something like this “Love, you want one apple or 2 apples to eat?”. “Would you like to help me with the dishes or set the table?”  It gives them a choice and they feel like it’s their own choice.

4) If you want someone to like you,  call them by their name.

5) If you want to sell something,  talk less and listen more.

6) Use acting sometimes: “Fake it till you make it” when it comes to confidence. It tricks your mind. It works. Just pretend to be friendly and confident until you are.

7) Fake smiling makes you feel happier.

8) Always show that you love your job. Never show that you NEED your job.

9) If you don’t want to cry, try counting backwards from 8. it is a good way to get your mind to switch emotions.

10) If you want to be interesting,  you have to be interested.

11) If you do something for someone without expecting anything back, most probably, they will do the same. Kindness is the best policy. Even if it does not work now, i have had people come back to me years later and thank me,  and apologise,  more times than i can count.

12) When studying for an exam, sit like you are actually sitting in exam hall. Always study with someone who will study more. By doing so your competition instinct will kick in. Never study something all at once, always do breaks/intervals. This way you will learn faster, and concentrate more.

13) Don’t get angry in an argument. When you are calm, they feel very embarrassed afterward. People believe that what they feel must be true automatically. So be respectful about people’s feelings. People are not rational,  they’re emotional.

14) We expect our sacrifices and self-denial to pay off, however sometimes you need to protect yourself and be tough to those who will abuse you.

15) When listening to a girl’s complaint don’t try to solve the problem or tell them don’t worry. Just listen. Sometimes that is true for men also. When we are really upset we’re not ready for solutions yet.